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What Should A Client Expect From A Property Management Company?

  1. EMERGENCY RESPONSE system that will allow for a “live” management representative to be available for responses.
  2. A Customer Service Department available for maintenance and all other requests Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
  3. An assigned Property Manager specifically designated to manage the subject property.
  4. Routine property inspections to identify issues pertaining to maintenance, cleanliness, city code compliance, liability diversion, and overall operation.
  5. Guaranteed “return phone calls” to all inquiries regarding the subject property, within 24 hours of the original inquiry.
  6. A staff of maintenance personnel that is always available for maintenance issues.
  7. A monthly physical and financial management report.
  8. An annual capital project recommendation report.
  9. Analyze, and renegotiate, if necessary, all annual service contracts.
  10. Tax protest supervision.
  11. Tenant Improvement and Capital project supervision.
  12. Operating Budget preparation and variance reporting.

While the above list does not entirely encompass every aspect of property management, it should be considered a general expectation for property management services.

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